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Holly Gibson

VIPS of the year


Holly has given tirelessly to DLE PTO and school as we started from nothing with marketing and publicity, logos or newsletters. She is an asset to our Publicity team. She makes/designs countless items for anyone who asks the hospitality committee, any campaign, yearbook, etc. She also willingly took on a role to help with 5th grade Last Splash. She is very busy with her “real job” but is always on top of her  volunteer job in producing the newsletter and happily does any of the other assigned tasks from other areas. She spends countless hours (the most out of school volunteer hours for DLE this school year) gathering information, creating the newsletter, and also helps other areas whenever asked. She is not seen at the school much but her behind-the-scene hours surpasses others at the school. She makes “the PTO” look great. She is most deserving of this honor. Thank you Holly Gibson for ALL you do to Leonetti Elementary!  We appreciate you! 



Hanadi Rousan

Thank you for stepping up and volunteering in any way you can! From school supplies, cutting and laminating, teacher luncheon, library, and more! We appreciate you! Thank you! 


Jennifer Longoria

Jennifer, we thank you for your continual support of DLE and volunteering in just about any capacity you are asked to do. You have been invaluable in setting up and organizing the Level Library and a consistent volunteer for PTO hospitality. Thank you!  We appreciate all you do for DLE!


Janice Cruz

Janice has been a big help with getting the phonics kits set up for Mrs. Johannesson, and with the school store as well. She worked tirelessly to help ensure that the kits were ready to present to teachers during their staff development. It was a particularly large, tedious project with a short deadline, and she quickly stepped in to take the lead and help guide the other volunteers.  She is always one of the first to sign up to volunteer for any task.  Thank you Janice!


Nicole Fabozzi

Nicole, thank you for always being on top of your room mom duties, volunteering to help with various projects, and leading other room moms through it. You are always ready to step and volunteer when needed, and ALWAYS with a huge smile!  We appreciate all the help you offered so far for DLE. 


Keri Conley

Thank you for always making yourself available - even for just an hour. When help was needed at the campfire day, you were one of two that showed up, even if you didn’t have much time in between other obligations. While there, you were super friendly to every child that walked by. Anyone passing by would’ve thought each was your own child! You are the kind of volunteer that the kids LOVE to see in the halls.  Thank you for always being there for Leonetti Elementary!


Danny Boyer and Joe Sellers

These two dads have stepped up in many ways to support DLE this year. They have helped lead the All Pro Dads program, which brings in over 75 dads and students each meeting. They lead these families through conversations to strengthen and build each other up. They also have been a part of the Dads on Campus program that launched this year. Thank you both for all the support you give DLE!  We appreciate you!


Stormie Gentry

Stormie Gentry is always there to step in wherever needed for PTO and DLE.  Her creativity is out of this world and we are thankful she shares it with DLE.  Whether it be co-chair of Staff Appreciation, decorating for Dr. Seuss' Birthday week, organizing school supplies, taking pictures for yearbook, she's always ready to help!  Thank you!  We appreciate you! 


Laura Davison

Thank you Laura for all you did to make Junior Achievement a success at DLE!  We are thankful for your eagerness, enthusiasm, positive attitude and always having a smile on your face! Junior Achievement was a huge hit with the kids and teachers and tag because of all your hard work.  Thank you!


Meri Sampson

Thank you Meri for all you do for DLE!  You are a rockstar room mom, top notch Staff Appreciation chair and always ready to help with whatever is asked of you. We are thankful for your constant smile and excitement to help us all thank our DLe staff and teachers all year long.  Thank you!

Lisa Ciuray

Thank you Lisa for faithfully cutting, gluing, counting, and mailing box tops for the past two years. You are a rock star Box Tops PTO chair! We are thankful for all the hours you invested to bring funds back to DLE for the students. Thank you!